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Our Platform

LACCC Membership Benefits:
  • Networking at events and programs in both English and Spanish
  • Access to new markets, new opportunities, capital and resources
  • Mentoring and supplier-diversity opportunities
  • Discounts to major conferences, expos and LACCC partner events
  • Discounts to membership at the Charlotte Chamber and other strategic partners
  • Business expos and job fairs
  • Spanish and English media exposure – radio and print
  • Retooling and resources  in both Spanish and English
  • Train-The-Trainer programs and scholarships for entrepreneurs
  • Broader reach to new markets with the newly-formed LACCC I-85 strategic alliance
  • The ability to connect qualified Latino talent with demand.
  • Access to a bilingual and bicultural talent pool
  • Retooling, training and cross-cultural competency
  • Leadership development and acculturation
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities
  • Solid access to a growing market segment and infrastructure support
  • And much more…
LACCC Programs and Events:
  • LACCC monthly Lunches, Tapas and Breakfasts with presentations from Local, national and international private, public, non-profit sector speakers and community leaders
  • LACCC monthly seminars with a broad range of topics from member and guests Speakers such as How To Start a Business, Certifications, Marketing Strategy, Profitability, Cash Management, Time Management, Voluntary Benefits and much more
  • LACCC biweekly radio program with a LACCC Member Spotlight and their contribution to the community.
  • Special programming in collaboration with strategic partners